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Customer Testimonials

Our aim is to help you to achieve the very best the market will pay without charging you the earth for doing so - and then to help see the process smoothly through to completion in a timely way.

Initially, as you know, we engaged 3 potential agents to value the property that we intended to sell after 5 years of ownership. The meetings with the two alternatives to Flatmans proceeded as expected. representative arrived, sniffed around the property a little and then told us flat what their proposed price would be if they were to take the property to market on our behalf. However, Flatmans arrived with a distinctly different approach. From the outset the sentiment of the meeting with you felt more open and sincere, more like you wanted our business. I was also impressed very much by the intelligence that you shared with us on local prices and what the percentage price increases in the area had been over the last 5 years. To me this sort of open due diligence as a component of how we arrived at an asking price added to the credibility and the integrity of using Flatmans to offer the flat to the housing market.

The process from there on in was managed in a solid way. After an initial wobble on ensuring that we did receive information from representatives of Flatmans in a timely and consistent way, and an honest and direct conversation, the period of viewings to an offer was managed with an excellent balance of professionalism and personal touch.

There were some peculiarities to the sale towards the end which, to myself and fiancé, were the test of the relationship that we Flatmans has worked to build with us. I am very very enthusiastic when I say that Justin in particular was the benchmark of professionalism at this sensitive stage.

If we had chosen one of the "big names" and gone through this without experiencing the approach that Flatmans take to doing business I have to say that I suspect I would now have reason to think what most do about estate agents; arrogant, insensitive and no attention when it comes to detail. I don't think this of Flatmans, in fact, quite the opposite. I am glad that we followed our instincts and made the decision that we did to sell our property. Thank you to all of the team, particularly you Justin.

Chris Redmond

Thanks so much for all your help and patience with selling my house. A bit of a marathon run but we got there in the end and all without loosing our cool, temper or profit!!

Well done and thanks again

Kirsten Jones (24 Derby Street)

Following the successful conclusion to the sale of part of my mother's garden for development, I should like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for your help in achieving this.

I remember you saying, before you took the property on as agent, that selling land was not like selling a house How right you were! Without your personal help - informed, patient and good humoured - and that of the excellent specialists you were able to draw on, both legal and planning, I doubt whether we would have achieved the result we did. This especially in light of what proved to be a complex and frustrating affair.

My heartfelt thanks to you all and my best wishes to your company for the future.

Chistopher Sims

Now that the final stage of our project is complete Pam and I would like to say a big thank you to all at The Flatman Partnership.

Without your expert help we cold not have moved from an aspiration, to a project, to a successful conclusion.

Guiding us through all the elements of land purchase, new build and marketing of our old property so expertly has, we feel, been the difference between frustration and satisfaction.

Thanks once again to you all.


Pam & Ian McMinn

It was only 2 years ago that you telephoned me with a proposal to build a 2 bedroom bungalow for a couple who were looking to downsize and then buy there existing plot and try and get planning for 2 large bedroomed detached properties.

The agreement that you drew up was by its nature complicated to cover all eventualities. Happily due to the Architect, Client and Wokingham Borough Council Planning Department all working together well under your guidance, it was in fact a very straight forward set of transactions.

I think 2 years must be a record to get planning permission on the bungalow for the Mc Minns, building the bungalow, getting them moved in, getting an acceptable planning permission for their old plot, then building and selling the 2 large houses.

Now that we have completed on the sale of the last property I would like to thank you and your team for the professional and friendly way that the whole development went. From the first meeting with the Mc Minns to the sale of the last property I have felt supported and that the outcome was fair and equitable to all parties concerned.

I would be delighted to work with you and your team should any similar opportunities come up in the future.

David Payne

Nick and team!

What can I say! Thank you doesn’t seem enough.....You are such a dedicated team-would recommend you always.

Amanda & John

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