Flatmans supports Mityana Charity

Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Flatman Partnership has agreed to support the Mityana Charity at its headquarters in the UK to enable it to improve its charitable work in Mityana, Uganda. 

Mityana Charity is dedicated to helping the people of Mityana. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, and Mityana Charity works with children, schools and health care projects in the region. The charity mainly provides funds for children's education via sponsors in the UK, as well as being involved in Health Care and Human Rights projects such as the construction of latrines and water tanks. 

As the UK arm of the charity looks to modernise its management processes, it became clear that it would benefit from a new software system. However, any money spent on administrative costs is no longer available to spend on the good causes in Uganda. Hearing of the problem, the Directors of the Flatman Partnership decided to step in. Along with another company, they have decided to cover the annual costs of the new software system - so that all other donations can still go directly towards the Ugandan projects.

Nick Barker, Managing Director of the Flatman Partnership said "We are absolutely delighted to support the vital work of the Mityana Charity. Their work changes not only the lives of children who receive an education but of whole families that these children eventually support when they move into employment."

Jean Ajin, the founder of Mityana Charity, said “We are delighted to receive donations to help us make our charity more sustainable for the future. Without the donations to fund this software package we could not have moved to this next stage as all our monies are raised for specific projects.”

The ultimate beneficiaries were delighted with the news - as the picture below shows!