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New Homes and Land Developments


Whilst the job of selling property might have fundamental similarities, working with developers and housebuilders presents different challenges and volume sellers of new homes can quickly become frustrated when selling agents fail to grasp the commercial realities confronting housebuilders often accentuated by a steep hierarchy.

House builders expect agents to be aware that they have (with or without the input of the agent) prepared a financial analysis which will have had board approval and in many cases will be used to target growth and contribute to announcements into the financial market places and indeed to support current and future funding.

If sales absorption rates were not property measured or net sales revenues inaccurately predicted through market or local misinformation this can have a profound effect at many levels. Developers and house-builders need hard consistent facts produced quickly and in compatible format.

This can be tough love and an experienced agent will drive hard to achieve the best marketing and branding support the can get from the developer to generate initial interest. The developer will expect the agent to be conversant with the plot range, orientation, build rate to program, optional extras and the timing of orders and incentive packages. Above all to remember the agent is supporting the developers business and not vice versa.

We are also aware our builder clients expect us to be familiar with building site protocol, Health and Safety, attend tool box talks and keep the public at large out of harms’ way.

A good agent is also aware that a land supply is vital to developers and housebuilders and reciprocation in this regard is fundamental to a lasting relationship.