What sort of questions should you ask your estate agent?

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2019

We pride ourselves on our values of friendliness and personal service as estate agents, and encourage any of our clients to talk to us and ask questions. However, when you go to a viewing you might not know what questions you can ask or where to start. Take a look at some interesting questions that help you find out more about your potential new home! 

What is included in the sale?

It’s good to know what fixtures and fitting are included, as well as garden structures like sheds and trampolines. It will also help you to start a dialogue when you’re ready to make an offer, and help you make a decision if there are fittings you would like to keep, or replicate if that’s not an option.

What is the position of the seller? 

Find out where about the sellers are in their chain, if there is one. Have they already found another home? Are they downsizing? Is there a chain? These sorts of questions can help you work out how quickly you might have to decide.

Which way does the property face?

If you’re a keen gardener you’ll know how important it is to know which way the sun rises for your garden! A south-facing garden is always listed as an advantage, but it’s up to you and your lifestyle, and which rooms you think you’ll use most.

Has there been any extensions or other building works?

It might be an obvious change, like a loft conversion, but there may also be changes you wouldn’t know about unless you ask. You could search online but we’ll happy to help you by sharing what we know. 

What’s the local area like?

This is where using a local estate agent really makes the difference! We know our areas – whether it’s schools, amenities, transport links, shops, entertainment… our team have all the information you need to make a decision. You should also take a look round the neighbourhood yourself to get a feel for the place. 

What questions would you like to ask estate agents? Let us know today!

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