What factors affect the price of your house?

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017

Everyone wants to be able to get the maximum value possible for their home – but what factors really affect house price? How can you make sure you get a good investment when you buy property? Here are our top tips: 

School Catchment

Whether you have a young family or not, an outstanding or good school can significantly affect your house price. Houses within good catchment areas, such as Castleview Primary or Langley Grammar School for example, sell quicker and get a lot more interest.


When you can get super fast connection, make the most of it. With more people working from home and using their broadband to watch films, stream music or play games; the speed of your Internet is a massive factor in the price of your house.

Transport Links

As we know from our own knowledge and experience, transport links are very important and our areas benefit from these hugely. With major motorways close by, Heathrow Airport and quick rail links to London, all of our homes are well connected, wherever you work or need to travel to. The arrival of Crossrail will only improve things further for the residents of Reading and Langley.




Much has been made of the ‘Waitrose Factor’, but there’s no denying that there are links between house prices and quality supermarkets. Recently, it has been questioned whether the supermarkets are following the house prices or vice versa, but if you choose a house in close proximity to a Waitrose you will get double the benefits – great food and great value in your house price!

What other factors do you think contribute to house prices? Let us know!