Thinking about selling your home this spring?

Posted on Monday, April 23, 2018

As the days get lighter and warmer, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home if you are planning to sell this year. The springtime is a popular time to put your property on the market, so how can you make it stand out? 

Outside the Home

It’s time to make sure that all your outside areas are neat and tidy. Remember to mow the lawn regularly and put out some bright pot plants if you don’t have many flowers or plants growing in your garden (you can always take them with you when you move!).

You could also pressure wash your patio, clean down your garden furniture, trim any hedges or bushes… anything to make your viewers want to instantly stay and relax in your wonderful garden!

Remember your driveway too – this can often get forgotten when you think about getting your home ready for viewings, and it makes a big first impression on visitors. Is there anything that needs fixing or weeding? 

Time for a spring clean!

They call it spring cleaning for a reason! When the weather gets warmer, everyone feels the need to spruce up their homes after what always seems like a long winter. Make sure you’re doing the same – clean the floors, dust those high shelves, get rid of the cobwebs… anything you can do to make your home light and inviting.

If you have time, think about a deep clean on your carpets to make them look, feel and smell inviting. This can be a small cost but could be a great investment in getting your home under off quickly. Cheaper ways around it could simply be fresh flowers, air fresheners, or just opening the windows to let that fresh spring air in!

Bring in a theme

You don’t want to redecorate your house entirely, but spend some time making your home attractive for the season. Fresh flowers, new cushions on the sofas and a few bright accessories for the kitchen will be a minimal investment for a great return. People can see past the décor in principle, but making your home warm and inviting makes a great first impression!

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