The Buying Process – A Solicitor’s Guide

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016

In the next of our guest blog posts we speak to one of our recommended solicitors, Kidd Rapinet in Slough, for a guide to the buying process.

Poonam UmraniaWhen you agree to purchase a property, the conveyancing aspect is carried out by a property solicitor, who will deal legal areas including confirming your sale with Land Registry and transferring the money to buy your house.

Poonam Umrania shares her insights into the procedures.

1. Your offer

Once you have agreed the purchase with the seller, and appointed your solicitor, your seller then has the responsibility to forward the relevant forms to the solicitors acting on your behalf. This pack, including the deeds, protocol forms such as the list of fixtures and fittings and the seller’s property information (including details of boundaries, any extensions, new boiler and windows, for example) will be reviewed by your solicitor and forwarded to you.

2. Searches

If you are buying with a mortgage, your lender will require local, council, water and environmental searches to be carried out to ensure the suitability of the property. This can include looking at issues like planning applications, building control, mains and sewage water connections, contaminated land and waste.

The mortgage offer from the lender will also have to be reviewed and checked by your solicitor.

3. Paperwork

Once all legal enquiries have been dealt with the Solicitor will report to you on the property.  During this time, the solicitor will also confirm the deposit you will have to pay prior to completion.

4. Exchange

With your deposit received, it is time to make the sale legally binding by exchanging contracts. A completion date will be agreed and it’s time to start finalising your moving plans.

5. Completion

The day that all monies are exchanged, and you can finally pick up the keys to your dream home.

If you are thinking about moving house, or have already had an offer accepted on a property, it’s time to choose a solicitor to begin dealing with the legal aspects. The Flatman Partnership has several recommend solicitors that we work with on a regular basis to allow you to exchange and complete on your property with ease. For more information, please contact us today.

Kidd RapinetKidd Rapinet, with offices in London, Buckinghamshire, the Thames Valley and Surrey, are a modern, forward-looking law firm with a strong combination of skills and resources, offering an extensive range of services to today’s individual and business clients. To find out more, visit their website