Small Jobs to Increase the Value of your Home

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2016

Want some quick wins to increase the value of your home? If you’re ready to put your property on the market, think about these easy jobs to improve the appearance, saleability and value of your house!

Create a driveway

You may need planning permission, but if you live in an are where parking is at a premium, then a driveway is extremely valuable.

First impressions matter

For a super quick win, a lick of pain may be all you need! Improving your home by making it attractive could add up to £5k to the value, simply by painting the outside, cleaning your windows and weeding or clearing the drive.

Hang some mirrors

Improve the feel of cramped rooms by adding mirrors. These create a more spacious and light feel.

Knock knock

Think about your front door – could it be improved? Sending small amount on a doorknob, letterbox or house number doesn’t mean much but can substantially increase how people feel about your home (and how much they are willing to spend on it!).

Apply for planning permission

Even if you are not planning an extension, it will add value to your home. A secured permission may only cost you £1,000-£2,000, but the opportunities for buyers to add their dream loft conversion or extension will ad far more to your property.

Create a lifestyle

It’s a bit of a cliché, but giving the impression of a lifestyle through your décor or furnishings really does improve sales. Think about who would be buying your home? Families may appreciate some beautiful wooden toys on show in the playroom, or baking accessories in the kitchen; professional couples would feel at home with clean, minimal spaces… think about your house and who it might attract!

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