Selling your home at Christmas? Here are our top tips!

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2018

Don’t be put off putting your house on the market at Christmas – it’s still a good time to get a sale, especially when buyers at Christmas tend to be more serious ones, focused on finding a new home. Follow our tips to show off your house to its best and have a cool Yule!

Keep the decorations to a minimum

If you can, and we know it’s difficult, keep your decorations subtle and tasteful. People want to see your house, not necessarily your singing Santa collection. Keep decorations packed away for photos and then when you are having viewings, always be aware that people need to see and imagine the space as theirs, so decorate appropriately. 

Try and be clutter-free

This is hard enough the rest of the year but as things tend to move around at Christmas, and there are cards to write and presents to wrap… it’s easy to see piles and piles of junk growing. Tackle these as soon as you can, even if it means hiding them away for viewings!

Help viewers imagine the house in other seasons      

It might be a good idea to have photos of your home in Spring and Summer to help potential buyers picture the house throughout the rest of the year.  An apple tree or beautiful rose bush might be missed otherwise, but a little bit of extra work from you can help your house come to life.

Invest in good lighting

The season is cosy, but make sure that the lack of light doesn’t detract from what your house has to offer. Turn on the lights, replace bulbs and find some lamps in order to show off your house while natural light is thin on the ground! Fairy lights, a log fire and candles are in keeping with the season and create a magical atmosphere too.

If you want to sell your house this Christmas, or any time of the year, contact our offices in Langley and Reading for a valuation