Moving into the area from London? Here are our top tips!

Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Many people move to Reading or Langley from London in order to benefit from the great communities, facilities, cheaper house prices and fantastic transport links. If you can find an area like ours, closer to the countryside with a friendly neighbourhood feel, but still within a half hours train journey from London it’s well worth the effort and stress of moving!

With that in mind, we’ve put together some great tips to help you shift your life away from the big smoke to the Reading, Langley or Slough area.

Do your research

Moving to a new area is always going to be un-nerving, so plan ahead. Visit your new area often and get to know the facilities and transport links. If you have children, make time to visit local play parks, soft play areas and attractions before the big move, so they know where they are going and it doesn’t seem so scary!

Ask around

If you can meet your new neighbours then take the time to do so. They’ll know the area better and it’s a lovely feeling to know a few people before you move in! They’ll also be able to recommend all the essential services, such as plumber, electricians and those all important great restaurants, so you’re not caught out should the unexpected happen (or if you don’t fancy cooking!).

Don’t forget that one of the benefits of choosing a local estate agent is our local knowledge. We know our areas like the back of our hands, so we’ll always be on hand to help you with recommendations, hints, tips and advice. 

Be prepared

If you’re planning a long move, make sure that you prepare everything you can in advance. The day before the move is never the best time to realise that your car needs a service! Likewise, ensure that you have all the paperwork you need, everyone knows directions and you have enough snacks and activities available if you happen to be moving with children. If you can, arrange for pets or children to be looked after so you can concentrate on the move, and introduce them to their new home once the main bulk of moving has happened. 

We have helped many families move from London to Langley or Reading. If you are moving from London and looking for a new home, contact us today to talk about our range of properties and services.