I want to sell my house! Is it time for a Spring Clean?

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring has most definitely sprung – what better time to get your house on the market and look for a fresh start in a new property? 

To help you get your house looking its best for potential new owners, we’ve put together our top tips for a super spring deep clean!


Those piles of magazines and boxes of old junk are making your house look smaller and collecting dust! If you really can’t bear to throw them away, invest in some storage or put them in the loft.

Clean your fridge

It would be a step too far for your fridge to be opened on viewings, but minimise the potential for stale smells (cut a lemon and put half on the bottom of the fridge and half at the top) and make sure that the fridge is super clean from the outside too. No yoghurt fingerprints on the fridge door!

Glass and mirrors

Get your glass surfaces shiny to maxmise the light and space in your rooms. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water, and use a spray bottle to squirt on surfaces. Rubbing with old newspaper will reduce streaking.

A welcoming sofa

How often do you give your sofa a deep clean? Use a dry cleaning sponge to remove dirt and oil and then use a lint roller to pick up anything that gets left behind. A good vacuum will then make then extra fresh! For leather sofas, use specialist wipes to freshen and soft the material.

Look down!

Broken floorboard or tired laminate? Invest in a statement rug to update your floors.

Limescale Removal

We live in an area notorious for limescale – make your taps squeaky clean by scrubbing gently with vinegar or lemon juice.

What tips do you have to spring clean your home? We’d love to hear them!