How to sell your home during the winter months

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017

Although it is more common to put your house on the market over spring or summer, selling your home during the winter actually has lots of advantages. You can make your home a lovely warm cosy space that buyers will fall in love with, and as long as you have lots of lights on, people will see your property’s full potential!

Get Outside

Gardens can be forgotten during the colder months so make sure everything is clear and tidy. Paths and drives should also be clear of ice and snow when you have viewings – as a slip up is not the best first impression!

Set the mood

When the nights are drawing in there is a real opportunity for you to create an enticing atmosphere in your home. Make sure it’s warm and light, but also pay attention to how your home looks. Can you make it cosier by putting some throws on the sofa, or setting up some fairy lights across the mantelpiece? Little touches can really make a difference.

Make sure the heater is on

It’s tempting to keep the heating low, as we all know it’s more efficient and better for the planet. However, no one feels comfortable in a cold home and your viewers won’t linger if they feel frozen! Find a balance to create a welcoming temperature.

It’s Chriiiiiistmaaaaas!

Everyone loves Christmas, and decorations make a house feel very festive. However, remember that not everyone shares your particular taste, so if you are having viewings while the Christmas decorations are out, don’t go over the top with the tinsel or dancing Santa!

Don’t forget the everyday tasks

Low winter sun picks up every detail, so make sure that your housework is up to date. Windows should be clean and surfaces are dusted, and always have a quick run around for cobwebs!

If you’re thinking about selling your home this winter, don’t forget to contact us to help you get started!