How do you know if you are ready to move house?

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It can be tricky to make that big decision to put your house on the market and look for another home. How do you know if it’s the right time? Are you ready for the upheaval? It’s a balance of the positives and negatives, but we’ve seen so many clients receiving the keys for their new homes with big smiles on their faces that we’d always recommend making that leap!

We’ve put together some signs to look out for so you and your family know when it’s time to move. 

Your house is too small

It might have been adequate a few years ago, but as your family grows – whether it’s kids, pets or hobbies – you may need more space that you just can’t get in your current home. 

Your house is too big

You may have the opposite problem – the kids have left home and you have more empty rooms than you know what to do with! Give yourself a break from cleaning and maintaining a house you rattle around and find somewhere smaller.

You want a change

Maybe you want a challenge, to find your dream home or even get a ‘fixer-upper’ to make your mark on. Perhaps you’re just a bit bored in your current house and need a change of scenery. A new property can give you the push you need.

Your friends have moved away

Perhaps when you first moved to your house there was a community and your families grew up together, or maybe you are looking for a close or cul de sac where your kids can play outside safely. Your circumstances change, so don’t stay in an area that doesn’t suit your needs. 

You’re tired of the commute

People travel longer to work these days, but don’t take it as a given. Could you find a home that gives you an easier route to work? Our areas have great transport links, so perhaps it’s time to get a home within walking distance of the train station or town centre.

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