How can you declutter your house?

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2019

If you’re thinking about selling your home, decluttering is a good way to get ready for viewings and streamline your possessions before you move. With Spring in full swing, give your house a spring clean and tackle your piles of clutter now with our top tips

Preparation is Key

How much time do you have to spend on decluttering? Prioritise the rooms you want to focus on if time is short, and look at them in terms of how much it needs sorting out or the importance to your home. Get yourself prepared with bin bags, cleaning products and boxes ready for sorting out whether it’s for keeps, for recycling or for the tip!

Get Inspiration

Even if you haven’t bingewatched the series on Netflix, you’ll probably know about Marie Kondo and her approach to organization. There’s a lot to be said for only keeping the things that ‘spark joy’ and throwing away the items that don’t, but there are a lot of other organisation methods that might help you bring order to your home. Do your research and take the guidance that will work for you.

Small wins

Don’t forget that small spaces also need a bit of tidy up. You walk through your hallway everyday and probably don’t notice the piles of coats, shoes, laundry and/or toys. However, this will be the first thing any visitors see. It won’t take long to sort and tidy away bits and pieces that have gravitated to common walkways and landings, but you will feel a big sense of accomplishment.

Set limits

What stays and what goes? Consult with your family about what you need to throw away and what your limits are. Do you need to keep all your CDs if you’ve got everything online? What about the books you are never going to read? Are you going to get round to finding a use for those spare cables?

It’s best to consider whether the items you’re thinking about throwing away are likely to be needed in the near future or not. Remember to be firm once you’ve made your decisions and see it through!

Don’t just throw things in the bin!

This might be a chance to raise a bit of money. You could see how much you sell your items for on eBay or Facebook marketplace, or go old school with a car boot sale. You could even donate them to a good cause, with charity shops and other organisations very grateful to receive clothes, books and homeware.

Ready to sell your home this year? Once you’ve decluttered, give our friendly and professional teams a call for help and advice. Contact us today!