How can you add value to your home?

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2016

If you thinking about putting your home on the market in the future, you might want to think about adding value to your property before you sell it. Even if you are thinking about staying in your house, it’s always worth knowing what sort of home improvements add value to your home, and what projects are not worth the time and expenditure! We’ve looked at the top ways to add value to your home.

Loft Conversions

Converting your loft space is the easiest way to get an extra bedroom and bathroom for your property. It’s also relatively cheap. A loft conversion is usually considered permitted development so planning permission is not required (but always check before you begin!).  When thinking about converting your loft, the scenarios that add most value to the home is where the access to the loft is easy and the conversion fits into the scheme and style as the rest of the house.  

Add a Conservatory

Again, you need to make the conservatory fit into the style of the rest of your home, but this is a relatively cheap and easy way to add square footage to your home, and more square footage means more value. Phil Spencer suggests that you can “enhance the feeling of space and flow by installing the same flooring throughout your downstairs living area”. A conservatory, which can cost between £5,000-£30,000 can add around 7% to the value of your property.

Transform your Garage

90% of British garages don’t contain a car – don’t waste that space! Turn it into an extra living area to add even more value. Great home offices, utility rooms and playrooms can be added in this way, depending on the sort of lifestyle you want to create.

Think carefully about your home improvements, as not all will necessarily increase your homes value. This depends on the cost and style of the changes you make. In some cases, although the value of your home won’t improve, it’s ability to sell quickly and easily will! Always remember to talk any possible improvements through with an expert (builder, architect or estate agent) for more advice.