How can I get a better price for my home?

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

If you want to sell your house, you’ll be looking for the best price possible. We’ve put together our top simple tips to increase the value of your home and encourage a quick sale. 

Create a great first impression. Make sure your driveway is clutter-free and tidy. Remove any weeds and think about giving your front door a fresh coat of paint for extra impact.

Showcase your kitchen. 54% of potential buyers in a Nationwide Building Society survey thought that the kitchen was the most important room in a house, so make sure its appealing. Remove any bulky appliances or unnecessary clutter and freshen up the room with a bowl of fruit or some flowers.

Smells are an important part of the impression we get from houses. 75% of people would be put off by household smells. Make sure that your home smells fresh and inviting, by putting out fresh flowers, air fresheners, making coffee, baking bread… there are many different ways to create an inviting atmosphere.

Do your research. If you are present during viewings, making sure you know your area. Find out information about local schools, amenities and transport links that might be invaluable to viewers.

Use your feedback. If you get information from your estate agent regarding unsuccessful viewings, make the most of it. If there’s something you can act on, do it!

Tidy and tidy again. Make sure your home is sparkling, inside and out. Nationwide Building Society found that 55% of potential buyers said they would find an untidy house a major turn-off. Any limescale on the taps, stains on the walls, out of control bushes in your garden… these won’t take long to put right but can make all the difference to the price you can get for your house. 

Declutter – but don’t depersonalise. It’s a common tip, but with good reason. Potential buyers will walk round your home imagining what it would be like if they lived there – make sure that they can look past you and your family and envisage their own. However, make sure that they can think of it as a home, rather than a generic hotel!

Make do and mend. Ensure that any obvious problems are repaired – a leaky tap, a scuff on the wall, a broken doorknob, anything that’s a quick fix. It won’t take long, but it will make a difference to how potential buyers perceive your home.

Think about lifestyle. People aren’t just buying bricks and mortar, they are buying into a lifestyle – what will their life be like if they lived in your home? To help them along, make sure you show off the attractive parts of your property and think imaginatively – whether you’re selling a family home or a professional’s apartment.

Have you got any other tips on how to improve the price of your property and get a quick sale? Let us know