Getting ready to move house? Take a look at our packing tips

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019

Moving house is both exciting and stressful! As well as the admin, logistics and legal issues, there’s also another practical aspect to deal with – packing up your entire life and moving it somewhere else! Here are our top tips for a smooth transition. 

1. Start early

Start thinking about your packing as early as possible. Of course, you still have to live in your house, but you can tackle guest rooms, the loft and the garage without having that much impact on day to day life. This is actually a good thing to think about before viewings, as less clutter makes your house much more attractive to prospective buyers.

2. Get planning

Having all your tasks in writing means it’s a lot easier to plan ahead. You’ll be less likely to forget important jobs and it should make the whole process calmer. You could also delegate to duties to family members or friends.

3. Declutter

What’s the point of taking it with you to throw it away at your new home? This is the perfect opportunity to streamline your possessions. And remember, don’t just throw unwanted things away – consider taking them to a charity shop, or recycling what you can.

4. Organisation

It might save a few minutes this end to just throw things in a box, but you’ll find it a lot more time consuming when you get to your new house and spend three hours looking for the teaspoons! Label your boxes, think about the items you’ll need first and make a point to keep important documentation and things you really need in a safe, accessible place.

5. The right materials

Remember to wrap glasses and breakable items, use the correct size boxes to avoid things being shaken around and make use of blankets, towels and sheets to fill empty gaps and cushion fragile things. Put heavier things in smaller boxes, or at the bottom of bigger ones you can then fill with lighter things.

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