Could Pokemon Go Affect the Value of Your Home?

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2016

You might not already be out trying to catch a Jigglypuff or a Charmander; but you can’t deny the wave of publicity surrounding the UK release of Pokemon Go. This augmented reality mobile game has been said to have lot of health benefits, getting masses of people out onto the streets in the hope of catching some Pokemon.

Designated Poke Stops and gyms are usually areas of interest, such parks, and churches… but what happens if they are near your home? Have you noticed groups of people hanging around staring at their phones hoping to catch a Squirtle? 

If you’re planning on selling your home, this could be to your benefit. As people are spending more time outside, taking long walks and finding new local areas, they might well discover your road and see your for sale sign. There have also been reports in the US of open days for houses going very well when locations are close to, or are, Poke Stops or Gyms. This particular seems to suit houses that used to be public spaces, such as churches, as the algorithms that designate these areas don’t always recognise when a building has been transferred to private use.

Crafty estate agents may even find themselves setting off incense bombs that draws the Pokemon to certain areas for a fixed amount of time, in order to draw a crowd! 

The obvious issue may be the age of the players – those that play mobile games are not typically the right age of demographic to buy houses. However, there are a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that is of interest to those over 30, and especially those with small children that may not be old enough to have their own phone and/or be able to wander around be themselves.

There is also, of course, the downside – would you want to buy a home that regularly has a small crowd outside waiting for Pokemon? Probably not. But you don’t know how long this trend will last and it could blow over in a short space of time, whereas, when you buy a home, you know it is usually a long term investment.

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? Has it affected the way you look at property or selling your home? Let us know