Buying Property in Berkshire? How do you get the best value?

Posted on Monday, April 25, 2016

As property prices in Reading, Langley and Wokingham continue to rise, our customers always want to get the best value property – whether the property is their home, an investment for the future or a business. How do you choose the best property, and how do you get a great Return on Investment?

Calculate in advance

If you have one second home as security for your retirement or are a residential landlord with many properties, when you invest in a building, you need to be able to calculate your future returns, in terms of Capital Growth and rental income. You need to be able to assess both potential income of the property and the result of any future rising property prices.

It may take a trustworthy advisor, many years experience or even just a gut feel to know which property to invest in. It’s always worth getting opinions on the property, perhaps from one of our local property experts, and it may be well be necessary to take a risk. This can sometimes be well worth it, as our area is benefiting from many developments that are boosting property prices.

Crossrail, the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East, is due to arrive in Reading, Langley and Slough in 2018. As well as promising the biggest improvements in decades, including shorter journey times to London and new and improved stations, it also has the proven potential to boost to property values along the route.

There are also some great amenities and facilities. Attractive and popular housing developments, great links to the M4, M25 and Heathrow Airport, business parks and international companies with headquarters in the Thames Valley, and various shopping and leisure activities.

Creating Value

You may also want to renovate and transform a property to get the best value. It will not only be worth more but will also command higher rent if you are a landlord.

It also lessens the probability of void periods – once you have a tenant that is committed to a higher standard of building at a higher rate, they more likely to sign longer tenancy agreements. If you have to fight for tenants, you will have to have very competitive rates and rents. However, if they are fighting for you, it becomes much more cost effective.

To get some more advice about getting the best value property in Reading, Langley and Wokingham, contact us today.