Brexit – A positive approach for the Property Industry

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016

It’s an uncertain time for the country, as we await the full effects of the Brexit decision to come into being. At present, while political indecision and infighting dominate the headlines and there is no clear plan for Britain’s exit from the EU, it is undeniably a daunting time for the property industry. However, what positives can we see for our position? We’ve talked to Jamie Flatman, Managing Director of our Reading office, to find out his view.

“While some of the nation are seeing only negatives from June’s referendum decision it is worth looking at the benefits of standing outside the EU. For example, many EU directives that have put a stranglehold on the Planning system in the UK for many years may well start to be lifted. This would enable much needed housing to be processed through the system and built more quickly. 

There is little doubt that house prices will calm for a while now, which should see cross-party support. It will also improve the chances of home ownership for young people and develop an underlying value in a housing market that, to date, has had a closer relationship with GDP than mere shortage of housing stock.

We need to see that these are seriously exciting times. The industry needs to look forward and not back in order not only to remediate the shock waves of the result but go way beyond them. There will be few operatives in the property industry who will have worked without the perceived comfort blanket of the EU so while renewed success might be something of a learning curve, I believe the opportunities and rewards will far outweigh the effort and risk. 

The property industry needs to learn how to take advantage of its new found freedom, to boost the property market and home ownership. This is a time for innovation and creativity.”

What are your thoughts about the impact of Brexit on the property industry? Can we look past the negatives and begin to realise the opportunities and benefits? Contact us today with your thoughts