4 Top Tips for Landlords – How do you get the best from your investment?

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2016

We work with many Landlords through our Buy-to-Let service, and they are always keen to get the best from their property investment. Here’s our top tips on how to get the most from your buy-to-let property, avoiding void periods and finding great tenants!

Keep up the maintenance

A well-maintained property will command higher rent. Make sure that there is a good finish throughout, that all your amenities work correctly and that you create the right feel when your prospective tenants view the property.

It also a cost-effective way to rent out properties – regular maintenance means that problems are found, and dealt with, before they become expensive and unsightly. Your bank balance and your tenants will thank you for it!

Know your tenants

Who are you renting your property to? Students, young professionals or families? They all have different needs and you must align your offering accordingly.

You will get the best from your property investment with a tenant that takes a long lease and will be unwilling to uproot at short notice. In this respect families are a very good option. Corporate clients too, will provide financial security.

Keep it safe

Do all of your appliances meet safety regulations? It is not worth taking the risk, so ensure that everything, including furniture and fittings meet current safety regulations. It is important that your preferred maintenance suppliers and tradesmen are also fully qualified. Insist on relevant qualifications and accreditations where applicable.

Keep it clean

Investing in a cleaning and gardening service will ensure that your property stays in the best condition. It is also an added benefit of ensuring good relationships with tenants. It can also be an advantage to have a regular team of visitors to your property that you can trust, is notifying you of issues before they become significant costly problems, such a minor leaks or unruly tenants.